Epic Equestrian

Join us on our travels by reading about our adventures! You never know what might inspire you to take the plunge, pack a bag, and meet us for the ride of your life! 



There’s a fleeting moment in the fall, when the wind whips a chill through the summer air, dry leaves whisper in the shade of the forest, and the aspens are alight with autumn brilliance.

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Rocky Mountain High

I spent the summer of 2017 working as a trail guide high up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Read about my adventures here, coming soon...

Safari Adventure

"Sunset in Africa. You feel as if nothing in the world can touch you."

A safari on horseback allows you to get even closer to the animals and access terrain that is otherwise unreachable, and makes for an unforgettable experience.

Pursuit of the Jackal

Sunlight flickered through the canopy of the pecan trees as we galloped through the orchard, closed branches overhead forming arches like a cathedral. Memorable moments on my first South African foxhunt.

Pandora's Box

Every equestrian has one horse, maybe a couple, maybe more, over the course of his or her career, who changes the game. Pandora was my game-changer; soul-opening and bone-shattering.

The story of the riding accident that changed my life, and ultimately led me to create Equescapes.

Dancing in the Moonlight

This wasn't just any moonlight ride. Marie and I rode bareback and the light of the moon didn't shine into the canyon. We were riding blind. 

Camping with horses in the wilderness of South Africa, beneath a full moon. An experience not soon forgotten.